Los Angeles, Forum 8.11 1969, 2nd show - CDr
This is a low generation source of the alternate recording. It is similar in quality to the better
known version released by Vinyl Gang as part of "Cocaine on a Dentist Chair,"
among others. VGP did a great job of bringing out the guitars on their version.
On this recording, the guitars are quieter, and so is the crowd.
I would rate the quality VG+ audience.
This recording has been previously released on CD as "Born in the Crossfire Hurricane,"
Sonic Zoom SZ 1002. This low gen. source is better.
It runs at the correct speed, "Born" runs fast, and it has less hiss.

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

2. Carol

3. Sympathy For The Devil

4. Stray Cat Blues

5. Prodigal Son

6. You Gotta Move

7. Love In Vain

8. I'm Free

9. Under My Thumb

10. Midnight Rambler

11. Live With Me

12. Little Queenie

13. ( I Can’t Get No ) Satisfaction

14. Honky Tonk Women

15. Street Fighting Man

Total time: 68'17

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