Frankfurt, Festhalle 6.10 1970 - CDr
It is incomplete, missing both the beginning and end of the concert.
Quality is VG to VG+, and the recording is true stereo,
the only stereo recording of 1970, and the second stereo audience recording known
after Detroit 11/24/69.

The recording starts off a little rough as the tapers adjust levels
but once it settles down it's fine. I had to copy and paste from channel to
channel a few times at the start, so those bits are mono.
This is the same recording as VGP-238, "The Legend of 1970," but noticeably better.

1. Roll Over Beethoven (cuts in)

2. Sympathy For The Devil

3. Stray Cat Blues

4. Love In Vain

5. Prodigal Son

6. Dead Flowers

7. Midnight Rambler

8. Live With Me

9. Let It Rock

10. Little Queenie (end cut)

Total time: 46'31

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