Boston, Garden 18.7 1972 - 2CDr
It actually started in the early morning hours of
July 19, because Mick J. and Keith were arrested earlier in the day.
The first track begins with the news report,
originally "released" on TMOQ's "Burning at the Hollywood Palladium."
Quality is pretty good; this is an above average '72 recording.

This is different than the mono recording circulated by Joe Maloney.
I did use 15 seconds of the mono recording to fill a gap in the stereo
recording right after YCAGWYW.
The stereo recording runs fast so here it's pitch corrected -2% using Adobe Audition.
The stereo recording is sourced from a trade CDR, not any torrent or commercial bootleg;
the 15 second mono patch is from a torrent.

1. news report-introduction

2. Brown Sugar

3. Bitch

4. Rocks Off

5. Gimme Shelter

6. Happy

7. Tumbling Dice

8. Love in Vain

9. Sweet Virginia

10. You Can't Always Get What You Want

Total time: 46'18

11. All Down the Line

12. Midnight Rambler

13. band introductions

14. Bye Bye Johnny

15. Rip This Joint

16. Jumping Jack Flash

17. Street Fighting Man

18. Honky Tonk Women (rare encore)

Total time: 34'24

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