London, Wembley Football Stadium 12.6 1999 - 2CDr
The complete show in very good sound quality from the original master tape.
Taper: Steven Carr
Equipment:Coresound Cardioid Stealth Microphones with
battery box and a Sony D8 DAT with a 90 metre tape.
The transfer was made direct from the Master DAT Tape with some small edits to fade in/out
and fix a few clicks that were in the master tape. I also normalized but apart
from these minor edits this is pretty much a direct copy of my master.
The transfer was made using the following equipment: -
Playback via Tascam DA-20 DAT Deck via S/PDIf to digital input of
Audiophile 2496 soundcard via high quality Clicktronic interconnects with 24K gold plugs.
The transfer was made at 48KHz 16bit resolution to a single wav file then re-sampled down to 44.1Khz.
The 44.1kHz source was split into individual wav files and saved in FLAC format with no SBE's.

1. Jumping Jack Flash

2. You Got Me Rocking

3. Bitch

4. Respectable

5. Gimme Shelter

6. Angie

7. Honky Tonk Women with Sheryl Crow

8. Saint of Me

9. Out of Control

10. Paint It Black

11. Thief In the Night

12. Before They Make Me Run

Total time: 73'03

13. Route 66

14. Like A Rolling Stone

15. Midnight Rambler

16. Sympathy For the Devil

17. Tumbling Dice

18. It's Only Rock and Roll

19. Start Me Up

20. Brown Sugar

21. Satisfaction

Total time: 66'44

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