Nashville, Gaylord Entertainment Center 25.11 2002 - 2CDr
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This recording is a surround sound matrix of two sources. The first source (used for the front speakers) is my original recording of the show. It was done using core-sound micro-binaural stealth mics and a Sharp minidisc usit recording on SP mode. The second source (used for the rear speakers) is an alternate recording of the show from the CD release "Grand Ole Lickin". I don't personally know the taper from that source, but he gave me the discs and said 'feel free to use them' so I am! I have lost track with that taper (don't have his email, its been years) so I can't thank him properly in this release, so... Thank you anonymous source!

My original recording is pretty dang raw, had very little talking, no shouts that would interrupt the enjoyment of the recording, etc... The second source is compressed, lossy and very rambunctious, but still decent enough for a matrix in surround sound format! There are a few spots where the second source drops out or was edited in between songs for whatever reason... Just be aware. I did my best to make everything blend, but there are spots I could not smooth over.

You will notice that the B-stage sounds dramatically different than the rest of the show... This is because they used a separate PA system above the B-stage for sound in the arenas. I LOVE this concept, and it worked beautifully. Seeing as I was 1st row on the lower bowl seats I was worried that the B-stage PA would be so far away that I wouldn't get a good recording. You can imagine my amazement when I heard the result!!

The only major goof you will notice is the fact that my source drops out for The Worst and Happy. I'll give you the short version in saying that I was hoping to not miss Midnight Rambler, so I figured I'd change tapes during Keith's set. My minidisc recorder at the time took a good minute to save the TOC file when you finished with a disc, and discs ran 74 minutes, and I was right infront of security guards 1st row on the lower bowl seats, etc... etc... etc... If I had known it was gonna be Sympathy I would have changed tapes during that number! (Sorry for everyone who digs that tune, but I think its a weak number, especially compared to Rambler!) So on those two numbers my source is absent.

This show is noteworthy for one reason... It has the hottest b-stage performance I have ever heard. IORR, Little Red Rooster and Brown Sugar are the hottest numbers of this whole show. Putting aside the fact that most of us hardcore fans would like them to play something other than the "Hot Rocks", those three numbers were amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have rocked out those 3 songs at peak volume in my house, car, anywhere I can. The rest of the show is great too, just not as 'on fire' as that small set.

1. Intro

2. Street Fighting Man

3. Start Me Up

4. If You Can't Rock Me

5. Don't Stop

6. Monkey Man

7. Gimme Shelter

8. Sweet Virginia

9. Loving Cup

10. Rocks Off

11. Tumbling Dice

12. Band Introductions

13. The Worst (2nd source only)

14. Happy (2nd source only)

Total time: 62'54

1. Sympathy for the Devil

2. You Got Me Rocking

3. Can't You Hear Me Knocking

4. Honky Tonk Women

5. Satisfaction

6. Walk to the B-stage

7. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll

8. Little Red Rooster

9. Brown Sugar

10. Jumping Jack Flash

Total time: 56'19

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