Mick Taylor & James Lacey Baker

1. “Not Just Another L.A. Music Show”

2. Cruising around L.A. in a Toyota

3. Having coffee with Mick

4. Looking for the studio

5. In the Studio

6. Sway (with Carla Olsen)

This is NOT for the casual fan! This one is maybe the worst quality video in my collection and possibly the coolest and rarest. It starts off with the show "Not Just Another L.A. Music Show" (quality not too bad on this one) which is hosted by a guy who is terrible, funny, horrible, appalling.
His interview technique is ghastly, his facts are wrong and he has no camera appeal .
The good news is that this portion of the video is pretty good plus here we get 3 songs by Jim Lacey Baker and Mick Taylor which are great ("Intro Jam," "Lost at Sea" and "Worldwide Losses" ).
Mick Taylor is playing a telecaster and his slide has that same biting / cutting tone that Muddy Waters would get.
An interview is included that is interesting.
The band has no drummer (just like the rehearsal tape I posted a few days ago) but it really gives you the chance to hear the musicians. The show end credits roll as the band is playing the last song and the song is cut in the middle but still it's great.
Now the next part is the REALLY cool part.
These are segments of a home video shot by Jim Lacey Bakers wife, Dani.
See Mick riding in a Toyota, see Mick in the studio, see Mick drink coffee and talk about how annoying Junior Wells was when they filmed “Blues Alive.”
The last part is THE worst video ever but I have never seen this before.
It is Mick and Carla Olsen playing “Sway” I believe at Los Angeles “Palomino” on 9-21-91 (If someone can confirm this let me know).
This footage came directly from James Lacey Baker and has never circulated before!

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