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Keith Richards played in Chicago in 1993 for a PBS show called Center Stage after the
release of his second solo album “Main Offender.” This was aired in two different
versions; a one hour version and a 30 min. version that aired on VH1. Here you get both,
The hour version has a few drop outs (not bad though. The 30 min. version is better
quality (slightly so I just decided to put them both up. Also you get Keith hosting
Friday Night Videos which was the networks answer to MTV which failed but at least
you have about 30 minutes of Keith playing in a three piece band which is cool. Also
there is a “In Concert” ABC show featuring Keith being interviewed by Hunter
Thompson . . . weird!

1. How I Wish

Center Stage, hour version 19.7 1993

2. Wicked as it Seems


3. Interview


4. 999


5. Hate it When You Leave


6. Time is on my Side


7. Interview # 2


8. Gimme Shelter


9. Whip it Up


10. Interview


11. Eileen


12 I Could Have Stood You Up


13 Happy


1. Wicked as it Seems

Center Stage (30 minute version

2. Gimme Shelter


3. Eileen


4. Happy


In Concert Segment 1993


Friday Night Videos with Paul Shaffer and “Marcus”


1. Whip it Up

1988 International Rock Awards

2. I Hear You Knocking (all star jam)


3. Struggle

SNL 1988

4. Take it So Hard

Hard Rock Café New Years Eve (92-93)

5. Time is on My Side


6. Wicked as it Seems


7. Gimme Shelter


8. Eileen


9. Happy


10. Kurt Loder interview (cut)


11. Keith introduces James Burton & Jimmy Johnson

16th Annual Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony

12. Sweet Thing

Mick Jagger Saturday Night Live 6.2 1993

13. Don’t Tear me Up


14. Point Counter Point


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