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This legendary, cult film, was never released - having become trapped in the sad and unfortunate legal problems between the Stones and Allen Klein. Each year recently ABCKO in America has promised release of the film but so far it hasn't shown up.

It was given its premiere at the Mannheim Film Festival in 1966 when Joseph von Sternberg was Director of the Festival. He said -

"When all the other films at this festival are long forgotten, this film will still be watched - as a unique document of its times."

Filmed over three days in Dublin and Belfast, the film captures the boys in all their pristine and unspoilt pagan energy and satanic glory - soon after the release of their first big single in America - the record which established them there - "I can't get no satisfaction".

The passionate stage performances are finally wrecked by fans getting on the stage - the boys have to flee for their lives over railway lines when they arrive in Belfast. Scenes in the dressing room are highlighted by Keith playing acoustic Blues guitar - showing what a master he was on the guitar, and how serious he had always been about Blues music. Interviews with Charlie and Bill are very revealing - but most poignant of all is the interview with Brian Jones in which he discusses his threatened future as a Rolling Stone. Speaking only of 'time' and 'insecurity of his future as a Rolling Stone', he seemed already unconsciously aware of his fate. Did he not deliberately bring it upon himself?

The film ends with the legendary scenes of Keith and Mick drunk in the hotel ballroom - Keith playing the piano (extremely well!) and Mick doing an accurate and subversive impersonation of Elvis.

Review Summary

Peter Whitehead makes his directorial debut after serving as a consultant and advisor on the film Born Free. Charlie Is My Darling is a documentary that follows the British rock and roll group The Rolling Stones on a two-day tour of Ireland. The title comes from a comment from an admiring female fan about drummer Charlie Watts. Other band members at the time included Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Brian Jones, and Bill Wyman. Jones died in 1969, presumably from drowning in a drug-induced stupor in his swimming pool after leaving (or being ousted from) the band. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

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