Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells - DVD (1974) PAL
A live in the studio performance of Mike Oldfield's highly acclaimed "Tubular Bells"

Virgin Media Cable -->Panasonic DVD Recorder (XP mode) -->DVD Ram Disc -->TMPGenc DVD Author 3
Video : MPEG-2 704x576 16:9
Audio :Dolby Digital 48000Hz 224Kb/s

Mike Oldfield: bass, guitar

Fred Frith: bass, guitar

Steve Hillage: guitar

Mick Taylor: guitar

Ted Speight: guitar, bass

John Greaves: keyboards, bass

Tim Hodgkinson: keyboards

Mike Ratledge: keyboards

Karl Jenkins: oboe

Geoff Leigh: flute

John Field: flute

Terry Oldfield: flute

Pierre Moerlen: percussion

Instrument Intros by Viv Stanshall

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