Voodoo Lounge Special (MTV) 1994 - DVDr
Another video from the Graceful Duck Archive.
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Playback Sony EDV-9500 > Standalone Panasonic DMR-E50 (XP)
Chapters approximately every 5 minutes
NTSC / Stereo

Kurt Loder hosts this look at the Rolling Stones as they

embark upon the 1994 Voodoo Lounge Tour. After a brief

historical overview, this special focuses on different

aspects of the tour - rehearsals, logistics, the scene

backstage, and the fans. We get some nice interview

clips from all band members - including new bass player

Darryl Jones. Some nice rehearsal footage from Toronto

7-12-94, also some footage from the small Toronto club gig

on 7-19-94, and finally a complete "Not Fade Away" show

opener from East Rutherford, NJ on 8-14-94. This is a

nice addition to any Stones fan's collection.

Total time: 21'56

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