Wonderful City 98 ! -(Zetti Productions: DVD-058 - NTSC) - 2DVDr
Lineage: 1st generation Hi Fi mono VHS tape -> Worldwide Samsung VCR (PAL-M to NTSC conversion) ->
-> Datavideo TBC-1000 -> Canopus ADVC-100 -> DV -> Adobe Premiere Pro -> DVD Maestro -> you.

Intro / Satisfaction

Rio de Janeiro, Praça da Apoteose 11.4 1998

Let's Spend The Night Together


Flip The Switch


Gimme Shelter


Ruby Tuesday


Saint Of Me


Out Of Control


Miss You


Like A Rolling Stone


Band intro


You Don't Have To Mean It


Little Queenie


Mick Jagger mostra o Manto Sagrado


I Just Want To Make Love To You


You Got Me Rocking


Sympathy For The Devil


Honk Tonk Women


Start Me Up


Jumpin Jack Flash


You Can't Always Get What You Want


Brown Sugar


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