Working Five Years - Twenty Years Hanging Around - DVDr
Length: 46 Minutes - Source: UK TV-> Betamax-> VHS-> Standalone DVD burner
Raw interview footage with Mick Jagger - Length: 40 Minutes
Source: Low Gen VHS (possibly Master) Recieved in trade.

arrival of The Stones at Royal Garden Hotel 25.2 1986

Whistle Test Special, UK TV 28.8 1986

interviews with MJ, KR, RW and BW by David Hepworth (London 25.2 1986)


footage from photo-session (London, Royal Garden Hotel 25.2 1986)


footage from Grammy Awards (London, Roof Garden Club 25.2 1986)


interview with Eric Clapton (London, Roof Garden Club 25.2 1986)


footage from the ‘One Hit’-video shootings (London 1.5 1986)


interview with director Russell Mulcahy


interview with MJ by David Hepworth (Barbados, March/April 1986)


interview with BW by David Hepworth (BW’s home, London)


interview with RW by David Hepworth (Elstree Studios 1.5 1986)


Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) -RW on guitar and vocals


One Hit (MJ/KR/RW) -RW on guitar and vocals


interview with KR by David Hepworth (Elstree Studios 1.5 1986)


interview with CW by David Hepworth (Elstree Studios 1.5 1986)


unedited footage of the MJ-interview on Barbados


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