The Rolling Stones Story Host: Alexis Korner, UK radio (BBC) 1973 - 6CDr


Part1: The Early Days 7.4 1973

R'n'B From The Marquee


Got My Mojo Working


The Ealing Club


I Just Want To Make Love To You


Mick Jagger. It was ever so wet


Look What You've Done


Ian Stewart and the Genesis of The Stones


Georgio Gomelski and The Crawdaddy Club


If You Need Me


Peter Jones. Enter ALO


Fortune Teller


Andrew Loog Oldham. It was a very rigid set up


Dick Rowe. I didn't want to make the same mistake twice


Come On


Patrick Doncaster- The music was something that transformed everybody there


(Get You Kicks On) Route 66


Patrick Doncaster- This is not the kind of publicity we want for our establishment


Howard Pendleton- Our Jazz festival was turned upside down


You Can Make It If You Try


The performance was not considered suitable for our purposes


Memphis, Tennessee


Brian Matthew. Saturday Club


Roll Over Beethoven


Keith Richards. We were down to thieving potatoes





Total time: 59'24

Lennon and McCartney

Part 2: The Rise To Fame 14.4 1973

I Wanna Be Your Man


Ian Stewart. I'm a rotten piano player!


Peter Jones on Andrew Oldham


Not Fade Away


Andrew Oldham. They were asked to wear uniforms of some description, and they did


Peter Jones. Stories were planted


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love


Long John Baldry. BBC stereo transmission


Cops 'n' Robbers


Jimmy Saville. Take your filthy hands off me!


Keith Richards. I'd never thought of writing, it never occurred to me


Mick Jagger. The first song we ever wrote was called "It Should Be You", I think


It Should Be You


That Girl Belongs To Yesterday


Gene Pitney. I took a fifth of Cognac over to the studio


Little By Little


Gene Pitney. His wife asked who the ugly women were!


Judy Simms. The Rolling Stones were dangerous


Andrew Oldham. There was one concert......


Confessin' The Blues


Ron Malo. Chess Studios


It's All Over Now


Ron Malo. Muddy Waters was there


2120 South Michigan Avenue


David Jacobs. Juke Box Jury


Riot in Blackpool


What A Shame


Jimmy Saville. The most exciting group


Shirley Arnold. At that time it was crazy


Little Red Rooster


Keith Richards. Everybody went through their star trip





Total time: 59'50


Part 3: The Weekend Starts Here! 21.4 1973

Hitch Hike


Ron Malo. We had no security at Chess


Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man


Down Under


Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)


Brian Jones. I love touring, I always wanted to see the world


Mick Jagger. writing The Last Time


The Last Time


Johnny Ball. Hold the audience until they get here


Mick Jagger. I thought that was a great period


I'm Free


Mick Jagger. Keith was playing around with a riff


(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction


Ready Steady Go!


Good Times


The best rock television show ever anywhere


Fanny Mae


Enter Allen Klein


Andrew Oldham. Are You Herman?


Get Off Of My Cloud


Dave Hassinger. Knows exactly what we're trying to do


19th Nervous Breakdown


Dave Hassinger. I look at the recording business today....


Mother's Little Helper


Mick Jagger. I used to listen to Dan Dare


Outro. RAF March Past



Total time: 59'36


Part 4: At Their Britannic Majesties Behest 28.4 1973

Paint It Black


David Platts on the changing role of a music publisher


Satisfaction x 5


Mick Jagger. If anyone does my song, I'm very pleased


As Tears Go By


Keith Richards. Most of them were was all tongue in cheek stuff


Andrew Oldham forms Immediate Records


Chris Farlowe. I got another song I'd like you to hear


Out Of Time


Judy Simms on sex appeal


Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby


Redlands, Warsaw and Zurich


Look Of The Week


Girls AND Boys


Let's Spend The Night Together


The sweet scent of incense


I Am Waiting


Who Breaks a Butterfly On A Wheel?


We Love You 1


Keith Richards. It was a painful year, y'know


We Love You 2


Keith Richards. If it turns around on you, it turns around heavy


Mick Jagger. It ruined him


Sing This All Together 1


Mick Jagger. I don't think that people who take drugs should go to prison


Sing This All Together 2


Exit Andrew Oldham


On With The Show


She's A Rainbow


Mick Jagger. A Knighthood I'd take, nothing less than a Knighthood





Total time: 59'14


Part 5: Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself 4.5 1973

Nicky Hopkins. I was so totally involved with that album


Sympathy For The Devil


Jimmy Miller. Honey, Mick Jagger called and wants you to call him back


Jumpin' Jack Flash


Jimmy Miller. Brian couldn't be counted on to be there


Beggars Banquet


The Rock 'n' Roll Circus


Street Fighting Man


Jimmy Miller. It was just a john with grafitti


Exit Brian Jones


No Expectations


Ian Stewart. It was me that got Mick Taylor


John Mayall on Mick Taylor


Mick Abrams. We were just sitting there one night when the phone rang


Let It Bleed


Requiem in Hyde Park


Honky Tonk Women


Andrew King. English Hells Angels tend to travel to pop concerts on the underground


Keith Richards. It was a complete shock


Lewis Jones. I believe the turning point in Brian's life was when he lost the only girl he ever really loved


This Little Light Of Mine


Chip Monck. They should have fired me on the spot!


You Can't Always Get What You Want




Gimme Shelter


Mick Jagger. It was a taught us to be careful





Total time: 59'52


Part 6: Up To Date and Where To Now? 11.5 1973

Mick Jagger. They just never cooperated with us


Dick Rowe. It's a bit like a marriage


You Got The Silver


Marshall Chess. Rolling Stones Records


Marshall Chess. We had to ship it with the zipper unzipped!


Brown Sugar


It's the sort of thing young girls would like, it's quite gay really


Mick Jagger. I don't mean broke, I mean more than broke


Keith Richards. I'd be the Maharaja of God knows where if I'd had all the money we'd earned


Let It Rock


Mick Jagger. I think that marriage is a lovely initiation into adulthood, for which I'm not ready


Enter Bianca




Jimmy Miller on recording Exile On Main St.


Ventilator Blues


Chip Monck. The vacation before the storm!


Chip Monck. They have tolerated me for a period of approximately five years without a word of thanks!


Chris O'Dell. Keeping up morale


All Down The Line


Nicaragua, Hawaii but not Japan


Do you visualize the group going on for a long time?


Alexis Korner. Some points have been glossed over


Glyn Johns. The Stones were the first artists I ever found


Bright Lights, Big City


Alexis Korner on Bill and Charlie




Thoroughly professional


Elton John. Well they're still my favorite band


Rip This Joint


The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band In The World





Total time: 59'52

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