Temperature Rising (Red Hot) - remastered - CDr
The main problem with this recording is that the speed varies throughout.
In an attempt to correct this, I have pitch corrected, by ear, each track separately.
Plus, using a feature in Cool Edit Pro called "Gliding Stretch," in some case I changed the pitch continuously throughout a song.
For example, "Brown Sugar" starts too slow and ends too fast.
I chose to re-pitch it starting at 95% length (5% fast) and finish at 102% length (2% slow).
"Gimme Shelter" I chose to make 9% slower throughout.
I experimented until I found what sounded right on every song. It took forever.
Then I put it all back together and reseparated the individual tracks.
 It's not perfect and it never will be, but I think it's much better.

1. Brown Sugar

Melbourne, Kooyong Tennis Courts 17.2 1973, 1st show

2. Bitch


3. Rocks Off


4. Gimme Shelter


5. Happy


6. Tumbling Dice


7. Love In Vain


8. Sweet Virginia


9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want


10. Honky Tonk Women


11. All Down The Line


12. Midnight Rambler


13. Band introduction


14. Bye Bye Johnny


15. Jumping Jack Flash


16. Street Fighting Man



Total time: 75'57

Comment: ( artwork )

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