C o c k sucker Blues 35th Anniversary Special Edition - DVDr With Bonus Soundtrack CDr (IMP-502V)


early June - late July 1972

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Cocksucker Blues


Say It's Not You

KR on piano

It's Funny #1

MJ on piano and vocals

Interview with Mick & Keith


Brown Sugar

Los Angeles 11.6 1972, 2nd show

Band introduction


Orgy on the plane

22.7 1972; MJ on tom tom, KR on tambourine



Dressing room


Midnight Rambler

mix of Houston 25.6 1972, 1st show (intro) & Fort Worth 24.6 1972, 2st show

Taking cocaine


Leave the country




Tina Turner


All Down The Line

Seattle 4.6 1972, 2nd show

Bianca and Mick


A day off


I'm Free on backstage jam

New York City 25.7 1972, 2nd show

Uptight / Satisfaction

New York City 25.7 1972, 2nd show


Houston 25.6 1972,1st or 2nd show

Sex and gaffers


I want some grass


Room service


Shooting heroin


Mentality of the body guard


Junky's awesome dream


Life is cheap TV is boring


It's Funny #2


Dick Cavett interview Keith Mick


Mother on acid


Street Fighting Man

New York City 25.7 1972, 2nd show

Brown Sugar

lyric's read by Keith




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