Rolling Stones live at the El Mocambo ! - CDr

1. Broadcast Date: March 4, 1978

Mick Jagger describes the atmosphere around Keith Richards' heroin bust in Toronto as one of complete madness. Richards is more pragmatic. "When you wake up with 25 Mounties around your bed, it's kind of depressing but it's not something I think of now. I guess it's something I know I've got to deal with," he admits in this CBC Radio interview. The band tries to put the incident behind them as their new album, recorded in the Toronto' nightclub, the El Mocambo, is released to high praise.

2. Keith Richards' heroin bust - Broadcast Date: Oct. 24, 1978

A Toronto courtroom is filled to the rafters today with Rolling Stones fans eager to observe the fate of Keith Richards. Richards was busted for heroin possession after igniting suspicion by spending a few hours too many in an airplane washroom. But since he's not likely to steal for his habit, which is the court's main concern with heroin charges, his punishment is light. The guitarist is ordered to perform a charity concert for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

3. Rolling Stones fans spend the night — on the sidewalk - Broadcast Date: April 16, 1979

Fans of the Rolling Stones have brought their sleeping bags to this ticket lineup. It's a cool April night and they plan to spend hours on the sidewalk waiting for prime seats to the band's benefit concert. Stones devotees seen in this CBC TV clip hope for one of 10,000 tickets for the concert in Oshawa, Ont. A court has ordered the band to perform for blind fans as punishment for guitarist Keith Richards' heroin felony.
One of the first fans camped out devises an order scheme for the lineup with numbered coupons. Luckily, he gets a ticket. Anyone who didn't spend the night was out of luck.

4. Maggie Trudeau goes clubbing with the Rolling Stones - Broadcast Date: July 22, 1980

Their relationship is on the rocks, and Maggie is with the Stones. On their sixth anniversary, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and wife Margaret Trudeau go their separate ways. The public learns about it in dramatic fashion, when Maggie is spotted at a Rolling Stones concert at Toronto's El Mocambo club. She later invites them back to her hotel room. In this CBC Radio clip, Mick Jagger and both Trudeaus attempt to defuse the growing scandal.


Total time: 13'24

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